NH 78

NH 78 is a heavy duty 2.609" (66.3 mm) pitch straight running chain designed for bi-directional travel. It is used as a power transmission chain in wet environments and as a non marking conveying chain.

Improvements in the design and material give our NH 78 chains the best tensile strength and wear rate available. Superior wear resistance and toughness allow it to replace stainless steel chain in many applications.


Technical Data Sheet NH 78


NH 78 Tensil Test Data




   Physical Properties Metric Inch
   Pitch 66.3 mm 2.609 inch
   Width 74.9 mm 2.95 inch
   Height 28.4 mm 1.12 inch
   Weight 2.10 kg/m 1.41 lb/ft
   Working Tensile Strength   8,000 N 1,800 lbf
   Tensile Strength at Break 22,200 N 5,000 lbf
   Pin Material Stainless Steel or Zinc plated Carbon Steel
   Colors Tan, White, Black, High Visibility Orange
   Attachments F2, K2, K1, K0, A1, A0, Extended Pins
  (compatible with Rexnord brand chain)
   Packaging Any Length
   Sprockets 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 tooth Sprockets available, Material: UHMW and Nylon



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