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NH45 - Roof Top


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   Drive Chain

Our nonmetallic power transmission chains NH 45, NH 78 as well as NH 78-RT (Roof Top) are the strongest on the market with maximum tensile strengths of up to 5,500 lbf.

NH 78 is a heavy duty straight running chain designed for bi-directional travel. Applications include sorting tables, elevators and sewage treatment applications.  NH 78-RT is widely used in sorting tables, timber and lumber sorting applications.


   Conveying Chain

We offer a wide range of conveying chain products from Multi Flex Chain (1700, 1701 Tab) to a verity of Flat Top Chains (820, 821, 880, 882) and Snap-on Chains (1843, 1873).


For all of our chains we offer a variety of Sprockets and Idlers.  Our sprockets are made of wear resistant UHMW or engineered nylons, depending on usage and application.


   Water Treatment Chain

We offer all the components for primary settling tanks including Water Treatment Chain 720, Flights, Wear shoes and Wear strips as well as Sprockets and Static selves.



The HS Series Hydrosieve is an economical and efficient sieve designed for solid/liquid separation. It uses a sieve screen made of durable stainless steel bars with a triangular cross section. Also referred to as a waterfall sieve it uses the velocity of the raw influent to separate the solids. It is simple and easy to maintain.


Custom Components  

We can produce custom plastic parts for industrials plants and processes

  • Insulators, bushings, molded and machined parts
  • PTFE and anti wear parts
  • Large parts
  • We have an in-house laboratory and experience with different polymers